Case Study

Accelerating Inclusive Gender-Responsive Climate Finance for Effective NDCs: The Role of National Climate Funds

12am, March 29th, 2024

The Commonwealth Secretariat convened a webinar on March 5th, 2024, to explore the relationship between inclusive, gender-responsive climate finance and the effectiveness of climate action. The discussion emphasized the importance of integrating gender and youth, and all stakeholders in the design and execution of projects accessing climate finance. Failure to include vulnerable groups, such as women and young people, can lead to suboptimal results and undermine the sustainability of funded interventions.

The webinar served as a platform for sharing experiences and lessons learned from these initiatives, highlighting the importance of a holistic and collaborative approach to climate financing. By integrating gender and youth considerations, prioritizing financial planning, and fostering international cooperation, countries can accelerate progress towards inclusive and sustainable development.

This document serves as a summary report of discussions and case studies presented in the associated webinar, including lessons from Antigua and Barbuda’s Sustainable Island Resource Framework (SIRF) Fund and lessons from the Rwanda Green Fund.

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Commonwealth Secretariat, NDC Partnership