Case Study

Accelerating the Uptake of Climate Technologies in Micro, Small, and Medium Sized Enterprises in Chile

12am, November 29th, 2023

In Chile, the agriculture sector is an important contributor to the economy and is highly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change. Within the sector, MSMEs make up the majority of producers. Chile sought technical assistance from the CTCN to better understand the barriers that prevent MSMEs from adopting climate technologies in the agrifood sector; increase the low level of adoption of climate technologies; analyse agrifood chains with the purpose of identifying critical points for the introduction of climate technologies; analyse and make recommendations on existing certification, demand aggregation and financial instruments and their effectiveness in promoting climate technologies to MSMEs; and propose improved instruments in this regard. Building on the results of the technical assistance, Chile adjusted its support mechanism for MSMEs, which resulted in an increased focus on and uptake of climate technologies, in particular with regard to solar energy and water and energy efficiency. The contribution to NDC implementation is GHG emission reductions, strengthening of public–private cooperation mechanisms for executing adaptation actions at the national and local scale and increased robustness of sustainable development indicators.

Source Details

TEC, Agency for Climate Change and Sustainability, Chilean Economic Development Agency National Council for Clean Production, CTCN, iQonsulting, Carbon Trust