Case Study

Action for Rural Women’s Empowerment: Women-led Energy Cooperatives as a Pathway to a Just Energy Transition in Uganda

12am, November 29th, 2023

ARUWE works with communities to provide access to a decentralized and cooperative renewable energy system that places energy production and distribution close to the consumers, enabling households, small businesses and health centres to access energy supplies. Decentralized energy systems use reliable and cost-effective technologies to close the access gap to sustainable and renewable energy for the most vulnerable, including members of rural or Indigenous communities and women. Decentralized energy systems require that people are not only consumers but are also responsible for energy production, distribution and commercialization and therefore enable those who are affected by the energy transition to meaningfully and effectively participate. The contribution to NDC implementation is improving energy generation, access and utilization from renewable energy sources and promoting the use of energy-efficient technologies and improved efficiency of charcoal production and cooking stove.

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TEC, Women Engage for a Common Future, GIZ