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Guía para la inclusión de las NDC Ecuador a nivel subnacional en la planificación territorial: Documento metodológico

12am, November 05th, 2021
Ecuador, Latin America and Caribbean

The “Guide for the inclusion of the Ecuadorian NDC in the subnational local planning” is a tool that supports Ecuador’s Decentralized Autonomous Governments (known in Spanish as GAD) with linking their programs, projects, and activities to the country’s NDC. It provides a methodology for provinces to evaluate their compliance, according to a series of indicators established by the National Plan for NDC implementation. Moreover, it aims to contribute to the capacity-building process of provincial governments, so they can internalize the NDC in their local planning.

A focus group was created with five Ecuadorian provincial governments: Pastaza, Chimborazo, Pichincha, Guayas, and Esmeraldas. In a second step, main findings were shared with the Ministry of Climate Change and Ecological Transition, as well as with the 23 provinces of Ecuador. The development of this guidance shed light on the need for continuous capacity-building within decentralized governments, especially on topics such as gender plans, the creation of local capacities for the identification and update of climate risk, and mitigation potential forecast.

The Guide is a result of the Climate Helpdesk technical assistance of the Low Emission Development Strategies Global Partnership (LEDS GP) and the regional platform LEDS LAC, implemented by Grupo Faro, with the supervision of the Consortium of Provincial Autonomous Governments of Ecuador (CONGOPE).

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