Long Range Energy Alternatives Planning System (LEAP) 

4pm, September 30th, 2015

Long Range Energy Alternatives Planning System (LEAP) is a software tool for energy policy analysis and climate change mitigation assessment.

LEAP can be used to track energy consumption, production and resource extraction in all sectors of an economy.  It can be used to account for both energy sector and non-energy sector greenhouse gas emission sources and sinks. In addition to tracking greenhouse gas emissions, LEAP can also be used to analyze emissions of local and regional air pollutants. LEAP is used by countries undertaking integrated resource planning, greenhouse gas mitigation assessments, and Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDS), especially in the developing world.

LEAP has been adopted by thousands of organizations in more than 190 countries worldwide.  Its users include government agencies, academics, non-governmental organizations, consulting companies, and energy utilities. It has been used at many different scales ranging from cities and states to national, regional and global applications.

Key questions addressed:

  • How has the energy system evolved over time?
  • How might the energy system evolve in the future, under a range of policy scenarios?
  • How can we meet development goals in the energy sector, and what may be the associated costs and/or benefits?

Sample data inputs:

  • National population data
  • Rates of urbanization
  • Average household sizes
  • GDP/GNP data
  • Value added by sector/subsector
  • Interest rates
  • Energy consumption and production by sector and fuel
  • Emission factors from greenhouse gas inventories
  • National energy policies/plans

Sample quantitative outputs:

  • Energy demand by fuel, year, scenario, region, and sector
  • Costs and emissions associated with energy demand

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