Full system accounting of energy efficiency in buildings: A Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) webinar

Speakers: Eva Hoos Policy Officer DG Energy European Commission, Sean Pander Green Building Manager City of Vancouver, and Astrid Madsen Sustainability Programme Advisor City of Rotterdam.
Partners: united-nations-environment-programme-unep

The combination of district energy and building-level efficiency is helping cities around the world realize cost-effective decarbonization of heating and cooling demand in buildings. However, the important relationship between building efficiency certification and district energy needs to be properly accounted for in city, national and international policies and certifications.

This webinar will provide an insight into how building policy is shaping at the EU level to address both heat supply and demand and how the cities of Vancouver and Rotterdam have overcome barriers to the integration of district energy and buildings.

Speakers include:

  • Eva Hoos, Policy Officer, Directorate-General for Energy, European Commission
  • Sean Pander, Green Building Manager, City of Vancouver
  • Astrid Madsen, Sustainability Programme Advisor, City of Rotterdam

With introductions to SE4ALL Initiatives and the role of cities from:

Registration and webstream are available online here.