How We Work

How We Work

The Global Climate Action Partnership (formerly LEDS GP) is an incubator for knowledge and solutions that can be scaled up, leading the way to climate-resilient low-emission development. 


The Global Climate Action Partnership (GCAP) engages leaders from over 300 institutions across government agencies, technical institutes, international agencies, and NGOs. It operates through regional platforms in Africa, Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) and has five technical global working groups and a global secretariat. Developing country leaders in each region set priorities for learning, collaboration, and advisory support delivered collectively through the Partnership.

The GCAP is a  platform of climate leaders, that is owned by its members – providing an enabling environment for collaborative and ambitious climate action, learning and peer to peer exchange.


The Global Climate Action Partnership operates through an innovative distributed leadership model, with regional institutions managing African, Asian and Latin American and Caribbean regional platforms, and local experts and international organizations providing technical support on analysis and tools, planning, finance, and sectors (e.g., agriculture, energy, transport, and waste). A global secretariat, hosted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), coordinates GCAP implementation, knowledge management, and outreach. A Steering Committee provides guidance and sets strategic direction for GCAP, and the Council of Climate Leaders advises GCAP and Regional Platforms from a local leadership perspective.


The Global Climate Action Partnership links practitioners and policymakers through a network of three dynamic regional platforms and five cross-cutting working groups.

Knowledge Base

It supports effective development and implementation of new climate action by national and subnational governments worldwide. To achieve this, the Global Climate Action Partnership harnesses the collective knowledge and resources of its global membership – drawn from 79 countries plus international donor and technical organizations, and involving over 300 institutions.

Regional & Crosscutting

The Global Climate Action Partnership operates through an innovative distributed leadership model. Regional institutions manage the platforms for Africa, Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean, and their national and regional members identify key priorities.

Implementation happens through three Regional Platforms:

Africa LEDS Partnership


Asia LEDS Partnership