LEDS GP webinar: post-Paris and 2016 outlook

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Monday 11th January, 2016

14:00 (London, GMT; 07:00 Denver, USA/ 10:00 Santo Domingo/ 21:00 Hanoi)

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The LEDS GP would like to invite you to join our first webinar of the new year. Following the Conference of the Parties (COP21), our panel of country representatives will share their reflections on the Paris outcome and what it means for our work on low-emission development strategies (LEDS) and supporting Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC) implementation. We will outline our work plan for the coming year, which was shaped from the LEDS GP annual event, held in the Dominican Republic in October 2015, and would welcome your feedback.


  • Welcome and introduction – Janet Strachan, Co-Director LEDS GP Secretariat
  • Reflections from COP21: What it means for low emission development strategies (LEDS) and INDC implementation – Omar Ramirez Tejada, Government of Dominican Republic
  • Outline of LEDS GP 2016 work plan – Ron Benioff, Co-Director LEDS GP Secretariat/ Caroline Uriarte, Project Manager, LEDS GP Secretariat
  • Reactions from the panel of three country representatives on the LEDS GP 2016 work plan
  • Questions and responses from the floor – reactions/ questions
  • Summary of discussion, next steps and close – Janet Strachan, Co-Director LEDS GP Secretariat


  • Janet Strachan, Co-Director LEDS GP Secretariat


  • Omar Ramirez, National Council on Climate Change – Dominican Republic (TBC)
  • Stephen King’uyu, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources – Kenya (TBC)
  • Dr Nguyen Thi Dieu Trinh, Department of Science, Education, Natural Resources and Environment – Vietnam (TBC)

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Image credit: The Asia Development Bank/Flickr