Policy instruments for low emissions development: From design to implementation

Partners: world-bank

The World Bank Group is running an online course on policy instruments for low emissions development, aimed at government officials, policymakers, development planners, climate change practitioners, and carbon market agents. 

As the world seeks to enhance global greenhouse gas mitigation efforts, countries are exploring innovative and cost-effective ways to scale up emissions reductions and foster private sector investment. A range of policy instruments such as voluntary, regulatory and market-based approaches can help achieve these goals. This course will assist participants to plan, design, and implement these policy instruments to help spur their countries into low emissions development paths.

This course aims to strengthen the capacity of policymakers, energy planners, and climate change development practitioners to identify, assess, and utilize diverse types of policy instruments to support their countries’ transition to low emissions development.

After taking this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate understanding of the social and economic contribution that a low emissions development pathway can bring to countries’ national development goals
  2. Recognize the government’s role in supporting a transition to low emission development and appreciate the need and the rationale for supporting this through voluntary, regulatory, and market-based instruments
  3. Demonstrate skills to identify, evaluate, implement, and monitor main policy instruments that can be used for a transition to low emissions development that are suitable to country-specific contexts
  4. Account for innovations and lessons learned/good practices with regard to policy instruments for low emissions development by drawing on exchange of experiences from other participants, World Bank Operations, and partners.

Find out more and enrol here. The course is free and registration ends on October 11th, 2016.

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Photo: World Bank Group