PoolParty for sustainable development: the Climate Tagger webinar

Speakers: Florian Bauer COO & Director Open Knowledge of REEEP, Quinn Reifmesser Senior Project Manager REEEP, Martin Kaltenböck Managing Partner & CFO of Semantic Web Company (SWC), and Sukaina Bharwani Senior Research Fellow (Stockholm Environment Institute Oxford).
Partners: reeep, semantic-web-company-swc, stockholm-environment-institute

Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time, spanning countries and continents, societies and generations, sectors and disciplines. Yet crucial data and information on climate issues are still too often amassed – diffused – in closed silos.

Tools like the Climate Tagger utilize Linked Open Data to scan, sort, categorize and enrich climate and development-related data, improving efficiency and performance of knowledge management systems and thereby supporting to face the challenges in climate change these days.

This webinar explains and demonstrates how PoolParty Semantic Suite can be used for information and data management solutions in the field of sustainable development.

Florian Bauer, Chief Operating Officer of an international non-profit organisation with the mission to advance clean energy markets in developing countries will explain why ‘climate smart decisions’ require connected knowledge systems and how semantic technologies can help to achieve that.

As a concrete use case, Quinn Reifmesser of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) will present the Climate Tagger, a tool run by REEEP that helps to connect climate knowledge and that is based on the PoolParty Semantic Suite.

Martin Kaltenböck of the Semantic Web Company (SWC) will provide the technical background of the Climate Tagger solution on top of PoolParty as well as other best practice examples for using PoolParty for sustainable development.

Finally Sukaina Bharwani of Stockholm Environment Institute Oxford (SEI) will showcase www.weadapt.org – a well known collaborative learning platform in the field of climate adaptation using Climate Tagger.

The Q&A at the end session will allow participants to interact & discuss with the panel.


  • Florian Bauer, COO & Director Open Knowledge of REEEP
  • Quinn Reifmesser, Senior Project Manager REEEP
  • Martin Kaltenböck, Managing Partner & CFO of Semantic Web Company (SWC)
  • Sukaina Bharwani, Senior Research Fellow (SEI)

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