Addressing air pollutants in the transport sector – webinar and related resources

11am, February 23rd, 2016

This bundle of resources, from the Transport Working Group of LEDS GP and Clean Air Asia, covers topics from our webinar on mitigating air pollutants and emissions from the transport sector. Through a collection of publications, infographics and tools, regional and global approaches are explored for urban transport, based on experiences in Asian cities.

The presenter of the webinar, Alvin Mejia, Transport Program Manager with Clean Air Asia, discusses LEDS in relation to the growth of urbanization and motorized transport in developing countries, externalities in the sector, and impacts such as effects on health. The webinar concludes with key interventions and strategies.

View the webinar here:

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Or download the slides from the webinar here: Addressing air pollutants in the transport sector

Below, we have collected all the resources mentioned in, or related to, the webinar.


Institutions Involved

  • Clean Air Asia
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