Forestry-based carbon sequestration projects in Africa: Potential benefits and challenges

1pm, July 30th, 2015

This paper reviews forestry-based carbon sequestration projects in Africa and identifies ways to scale up these initiatives in the region to enhance local people’s livelihoods.

Recent attempts to mitigate global warming have brought this non-geological form of carbon storage into sharp focus as many land use practices such as forestry have the potential to absorb (or sequester) carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere

Carbon sequestration through forestry and agroforestry can help mitigate global warming. For Africa, carbon sequestration also represents an opportunity to fund sustainable development through financial inflows. However, with a low share of global carbon trade, there are strong concerns that African countries are losing out on this valuable opportunity.

Through a comprehensive review of 23 carbon sequestration projects across 14 countries, this paper discusses ways to overcome critical challenges to scale up carbon investments in Africa.

Read Forestry-based carbon sequestration projects in Africa: Potential benefits and challenges.

Institutions Involved

  • Natural Resources Forum


Rohit Jindal, Brent Swallow and John Kerr
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