Green economy: success stories from developing countries

12pm, July 29th, 2015

This report, Green economy: success stories from developing countries, summarizes eight examples of successful green economy initiatives, highlighting their economic, social and environmental benefits.

The eight case studies are:

  1. Renewable energy in China
  2. Feed-in tariffs in Kenya
  3. Organic agriculture in Uganda
  4. Sustainable urban planning in Brazil
  5. Rural ecological infrastructure in India
  6. Forest management in Nepal
  7. Ecosystem services in Ecuador
  8. Solar energy in Tunisia

While some represent established broad-based policies and investment programs, others are newly initiated pilot projects or local ventures. In this sense the collection underlines that a green economy strategy is not limited to national or other government policy levels but can take root wherever there is the leadership and vision to make this transformation. Indeed, there is a growing body of evidence illustrating the growing interest among developing countries to seize opportunities to move to a green economy.

The economic analysis in the report builds in part on the encouraging signs and results of many initiatives around the world. A number of these come from developing countries, including emerging economies, and illustrate a positive benefit stream from specific green investments and policies, that if scaled up and integrated into a comprehensive strategy, could offer an alternative development pathway, one that is pro-growth, pro-jobs and pro-poor.

Read Green economy: success stories from developing countries.

Institutions Involved

  • UN Environment Program (UNEP)
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