Introducing the LEDS Europe and Eurasia ‘City Energy Planning Toolkit’

3pm, May 21st, 2018

Discover the LEDS Europe and Eurasia regional platform (LEDS EEP) City Energy Planning Toolkit, which provides a comprehensive collection of energy modelling tools that can be used for planning city energy systems.

Many societies are increasingly dependent on the availability of secure, affordable and clean energy. There is an ongoing paradigm shift in energy sectors worldwide, which includes a change from fossil fuel–based systems to systems based on decentralized renewable energy, energy efficiency and smart grids, competitive energy markets, electrification of the transport sector, as well as heating, cooling, transport, water and waste management systems. This shift presents a special opportunity for cities and municipal authorities, whose influence on subnational communities is key to solving climate challenges.

The LEDS GP Energy Toolkit provides a collection of leading instruments and methodologies for climate-compatible energy planning, offering energy practitioners, policy makers and experts a quick reference guide to some of the best instruments available at no or low cost. The LEDS EEP City Energy Planning Toolkit complements the LEDS GP Energy Toolkit, providing a collection of leading instruments and methodologies for climate-compatible energy planning and focused guidance on using sophisticated energy modelling tools for developing municipal energy plans.

Aimed at employees of municipalities responsible for city planning and energy sector issues, energy consultants, NGO experts and students, this toolkit offers key insights on city energy planning processes, tools, implementation options, service procurement guidance and points to the available resources within the Europe and Eurasia region, including a case study and a list of energy consultants providing energy planning services in the region.

Download the toolkit: LEDS EEP City Energy Planning Toolkit

Photo: Windwärts Energie GmbH / Photographer: Mark Mühlhaus/attenzione

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