Mapping Sri Lanka’s institutional arrangement for mitigating climate change

4pm, September 28th, 2018

This report maps Sri Lanka’s institutional arrangement and key governance structures for mitigating climate change.

Sri Lanka is a highly vulnerable country to the current and projected impacts of climate change. It was one of the first countries to ratify the historic Paris Agreement and is currently setting up the mechanisms to implement its national targets. So far, Sri Lanka has communicated their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) in mitigation, adaptation, loss and damage and ‘Means of Implementation’ (technology transfer, capacity building and climate finance). Understanding the roles that subnational governments can play is crucial for Sri Lanka’s transformation towards a climate resilient, low emission development pathway.

Sri Lanka expressed their interest to join the technical assistance opportunity under the LEDS GP Multilevel Governance and Climate Action Teams for ‘Accelerating Subnational Implementation and Raising National Ambitions.’ This report on ‘Institutional Mapping on Multi-Level Governance and Climate Actions in Sri Lanka‘ was written as a key step under the technical assistance, which you can read more about here.

The report aims to:

  • map the key stakeholders at subnational levels in Sri Lanka in the context of climate change mitigation and low carbon development;
  • improve clarity on institutional jurisdictions, functions, and mandates across levels of government and civil society to deliver emission reductions and improve the climate resilience of infrastructure services;
  • highlight the potential role of subnational governance in Sri Lanka to develop and achieve national level climate change targets; and
  • illuminate the potential influence and role of subnational stakeholders on climate change.

This report is authored by Ranga Pallawala. He is  the CEO of Janathakshan GTE Limited and a member of National Expert Committee on Climate Change Adaptation (NECCCA) of Sri Lanka.

Read the report: Institutional Mapping on Multi-Level Governance and Climate Actions in Sri Lanka

Photo: Scott Muller

Institutions Involved

  • LEDS GP Multilevel Governance Working Group
  • Janathakshan GTE


Ranga Pallawala, Janathakshan GTE
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