Resource Efficiency Working Group

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Resource Efficiency Working Group

The LAC Resource Efficiency Working Group started in April 2019, in response to an increasing interest in material resources management and its potential contribution to carbon emissions reduction. The REWG aims to facilitate the implementation of frameworks, tools, and strategies to accelerate material resource efficiency in production systems.

Aligned with the objectives of LEDS GP, the REWG pays special attention to providing value to countries to:

  • Assist in the implementation of resource efficiency strategies to address barriers and obstacles;
  • Support national and subnational representatives for the effective implementation of resource efficiency strategies;
  • Facilitate tools and knowledge to enhance the implementation of resource efficiency strategies in the public & private sector;
  • Encourage more countries to include resource efficiency initiatives to achieve and raise the ambition of NDCs.

Priority Areas

Materials resource efficiency strategies

Circular Economy strategies and tools

Responsible Production and Consumption

Waste recovery and valorization

How We Work

Our activities entail creating collaborative spaces to facilitate knowledge exchange through a wide range of regional activities: hosting webinars and exclusive interactive sessions; developing stakeholder maps, surveys, case studies, and guideline documents; disseminating knowledge and engaging members of the WG; and developing technical assistance.

Coordinating bodies

The LAC REWG has 105 members from 15 countries in LAC representing government, private sector, academia, and NGOs. The working group is coordinated by AsociaciĆ³n Sustentar (Chair: Agustina Besada and Vice-Chair: Agustina Walsh) with the support of the LEDS LAC Platform.