Resource Guide for NDC Finance

Resource Guide
for NDC Finance

Selecting effective financial instruments to support action on climate change

This guide presents a curated selection of resources on finance for Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and Long-term Strategies (LTS). It is designed to help Global Climate Action Partnership practitioners find high-quality resources that meet their specific needs, avoiding time-consuming searches on the internet. It will be useful to individuals working on, or interested in, NDC and LTS finance in both developed and developing countries.

6.1 General resources

The resources in this subsection were developed to provide comprehensive guidance across most or all aspects of good project design and development.

This handbook presents guidance on NAMA project development for renewable energy experts and policymakers, which can be used to support renewable energy deployment in developing countries. It discusses the NAMA concept and its relevance to renewable energy, considers typical barriers and how NAMAs can address them, explores financing options, and outlines the NAMA development process. The final chapter contains detailed case studies of renewable energy NAMAs in Chile, Mexico, and Tunisia.

Green Climate Fund proposal toolkit 2017: Toolkit to develop a project proposal for the GCF

Organizations: Acclimatise/IIED/ICCCAD
The Green Climate Fund, Developing good projects, General resources

This toolkit aims to help private sector entities understand the key considerations and to fulfill the Fund’s requirements when developing proposals for the Green Climate Fund. It was developed for Bangladesh, but nearly all of the content is also relevant to other countries. The guide covers the essential details of the Green Climate Fund, its project cycle, proposal template, and key project development requirements, and provides guidance on how to get started.

Guidance for NAMA design in the context of NDCs: A tool to realize GHG mitigation under NDCs

Developing good projects, General resources

This guide, updated in 2016, aims to support developing countries in the NAMA development and implementation process by providing guidance and good practices on the key aspects of NAMAs, and provide insights on how NAMAs may support NDCs. The guide includes the policy framework; potential types of action; financing; institutional arrangements; the roles of different actors; and measuring, reporting, and verification procedures. It also provides guidance on best practice and other practical advice for those faced with the task of developing a NAMA, especially in the context of an NDC. While focused on NAMAs, much of the guidance will be relevant to the development of any ambitious mitigation project and the link to NDCs.

This tool provides developers and implementers of NAMA projects with brief, step by step instructions on how to develop a NAMA, updated in 2016 to reflect the links between NAMAs and NDCs. Most if not all of the content is relevant to any mitigation project where international financial support is desired. The process is structured into 10 steps designed to help practitioners work through the stages necessary to develop a good project, and to supply users with data, publications, and tools relevant for certain aspects of developing a NAMA. Also available in French and Spanish.

This guidebook provides information to help developing countries identify and access financial resources for their mitigation activities. Chapter 5 addresses the key elements of program and project proposals, and provides some guidelines for proposal preparation. This chapter provides a useful overview of the different sections of a project proposal and what needs to be covered in each section. The target audience is national experts, consultants, and government agencies within developing countries’ technology needs assessment teams, including a broad range of stakeholders from government institutions, nongovernment organizations, and the private sector.