Council of Climate Leaders

Council of Climate Leaders

Council of Climate Leaders

Launched in late 2022, the Council of Climate Leaders advises the Steering Committee and other relevant stakeholders (global and regional secretariats and working groups) on ways to provide greater value to and engagement with developing countries and cross-country collaboration throughout the Partnership. The Council’s key objective is to strengthen local leadership and enable developing country-led action through an effective and equitable governance structure and portfolio of GCAP activities. The Council is composed of governments and regional partners in Africa, Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean:

Council Members

Esther Muringo Wang’ombe


Senior Deputy Director​, Renewable Energy Directorate, ​Ministry of Energy Conservation Section​

Dr. Nurun Nahar​


Project Director, National Resilience Programme (NRP), Programming Division, Bangladesh Planning Commission​

Lawrence Mashungu​

Eastern and Southern Africa

Regional Coordinator and Expert  for NDC/LT-LEDS, Regional Collaboration Centre Kampala, UNFCCC

Aneta Nikolova


Environment Affairs Officer, ​Environment and Development, U.N. and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific​

Joanne Manda

GCAP Finance Working Group

Senior SDG Investment Advisor, Africa Sustainable Finance Hub (ASFH), U.N. Development Programme

Iván Alonso Delgado Pitti​

Costa Rica

Founder and Director​, Climate Change Directorate, Ministry of the Environment and Energy ​​

Interested in joining the Council of Climate Leaders? Please email to the GCAP Secretariat (