Communicating climate change: A practitioner’s guide

This new resource is a guide by practitioners, for practitioners, and is based on CDKN’s first seven years of communicating and engaging on climate change issues in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Download ‘Communicating climate change: A practitioner’s guide’

As this is a discussion draft, CDKN are using this version to get people’s feedback and suggestions for further best practices, hints and tips on communicating climate change in the Global South. There is also the possibility to expand on some of the case studies in this one and add many more.


Please send your feedback, which can be taken into account for the next version. Please contact Mairi Dupar at CDKN will fully credit any contributions that are used in the next version and may follow up with contributors for quotes and artwork.

Photo credit: Weather information and water availability is communicated to community members in Maharashtra, India. Tali Hoffman, ASSAR.