Update: LEDS GP is being rebranded as the Global Climate Action Partnership (GCAP)

After a decade of advancing climate planning and implementation processes powered by collaboration and peer learning across brilliant members across the world, the LEDS GP is being rebranded as the Global Climate Action Partnership (GCAP). As part of this rebranding effort, we are refining our strategic approach to give greater emphasis to supporting country-driven implementation actions to achieve resilient, just, and inclusive low emission and net zero economies. GCAP will also strengthen the role that developing countries play in driving partnership priorities and programs, including the establishment of a developing country council of climate leaders. Stay tuned for more updates and branding changes. 


The Global Partnership works on a set of different themes, both globally and locally. The Working Groups are our platforms for engaging decision makers, practitioners and researchers on the global level, and advising Communities of Practice at the local level. There are currently five Working Groups, each managing a number of Communities of Practice. Learn more about our Working Groups on the separate pages linked below!

The GCAP Working Groups

Resource Efficiency

Upcoming Events

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