Case Study

Climate Resilient Food Systems Alliance: Ethiopia Case Study

12am, January 29th, 2024

To transform Ethiopia’s food system, significant challenges need to be addressed- from consumption to production to distribution. Growing population and rising incomes will increase demand for nutritious foods, leading to the need for arable land. Furthermore, the ongoing impacts due to climate change and environmental degradation that have increased soil erosion and land degradation should also be addressed. Production needs to be diversified to reduce monocropping and to increase food choices and the availability of affordable nutrient-dense foods. Livestock production needs to be expanded to improve access to nutritious animal-sourced foods without leading to significant increases in greenhouse gas emissions. The growing food systems sector also needs to be supported to drive job creation and increase access to healthy and nutritious foods.

The Climate Resilient Food Systems (CRFS) Alliance initiated a set of country case studies to advance its work. The case studies provide proactive engagement with the countries while also providing opportunities for the alliance to gather lessons, challenges, opportunities and good practices in providing and coordinating support. The case studies and support thereof will draw upon existing national policies, frameworks, plans and strategies.

The case studies entail the following general set of steps:

  • Identifying key issues related to climate-resilient food systems and possible actions to be implemented by the alliance;
  • Designing and implementing activities, drawing upon existing activities from the members of the alliance and other stakeholders;
  • Monitoring, evaluation and learning.

This case study on Ethiopia includes an analysis of the country’s agrifood system, a risk assessment, landscape of climate, agriculture, and food system policies, priority actions in climate and food systems, as well as needs and gaps for implementation.

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Climate Resilient Food Systems (CRFS) Alliance

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Climate Resilient Food Systems (CRFS) Alliance