Climate Finance Workshop 2015

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

As countries increasingly pursue green growth opportunities in the region, complementing public investment with other sources of finance is taking on renewed importance. Pivoting towards green growth and low-emission development will require ramping up access to and effective deployment of finance, including the use of well-articulated public policies and new financial instruments to leverage private capital and know-how to enable transformation at scale in key sectors.

Asia is the source of 44% of global emissions from the agriculture sector, with emissions from agriculture (crops and livestock) having increased by over 140% in the last 50 years.  Investments in the agriculture sector can help drive national development priorities such as food security, poverty alleviation and economic growth, and climate-smart investments can have added positive benefits for environmental sustainability and climate-resilience.

This regional workshop will bring together key stakeholders from responsible government agencies, private sector, development finance, and non-governmental organizations, to share experiences on effective ways to accelerate investment in low-emission development in agriculture – particularly in the crop production and processing sub-sector.  It will also support the development of public-private collaborative actions to mobilize investment along with peer knowledge sharing.

This workshop complements earlier regional workshops that the Asia Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDS) Partnership has hosted on climate finance readiness, national climate finance strategies, climate finance options, and access to finance, and builds on regional momentum to spur private investment in green growth and LEDS.


  1. Engage and motivate public and private sector stakeholders to better understand key issues and actions to advance LEDS and green growth in the agriculture sector, with focus on the crop production and processing sub-sector.
  2. Facilitate exchange of knowledge on tried financial tools designed to mobilize capital in support of LEDS in crop production and processing, and in particular those tools which engage the private sector to participate robustly and broaden access to capital.
  3. Offer hands-on skills building and application of knowledge to support the development of measures to achieve this mobilization of capital.


The target audience for this workshop includes:

  • National and sub-national policy-makers in LEDS and green growth, including those from Ministries of Planning, Finance, and Agriculture
  • Public sector financial institutions, including representatives from state banks and development finance institutions
  • Private sector representatives (domestic and international), including representatives from commercial banks, institutional investors, funds, impact investors, and LEDS-minded companies or foundations
  • International development and climate finance institutions
  • Other (e.g., NGOs, project developers, technology suppliers, research institutes)


Workshop registration will open in August 2015. If you are interested in attending, please contact the Asia LEDS Partnership team at

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Get Involved

Designed to be a key component of the workshop, case presentations will be offered by domestic and international public actors that demonstrate examples of policy, financing, and other mechanisms to mobilize investment that support LEDS crop production and processing across Asia. Please contact the Asia LEDS Secretariat if you have a case you would like to share.

More information

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