LEAF technical guidance series: Activity Data for deforestation

2pm, August 26th, 2015

This tool provides guidance for estimating the Activity Data (AD) for deforestation, i.e. extent of deforestation activities on the ground, using previously developed spatially explicit datasets. The output of this module is one component of a terrestrial carbon monitoring system for REDD+.

The Activity Data are defined spatially based on the post-deforestation land use class and forest carbon strata. The Activity Data for deforestation will need to be tracked for the same deforestation activities or land cover transitions in the historical reference period and the monitoring periods, along with any new deforestation activities not accounted in the historic period.

This tool, prepared by Lowering Emissions in Asia’s Forests (LEAF) is applicable for estimating gross deforestation, defined as the long-term or permanent conversion of forest land to non-forest land. Key prerequisite decisions, data and technical capacity (e.g. hardware, software and experts) must be fulfilled as per the technical guidance for the development of a terrestrial carbon monitoring system for REDD+ Framework document. Experience in spatial analysis is an essential skill for applying this module.

This module provides the methods and procedures to estimate Activity Data for deforestation reported by main cause and by carbon strata expressed as hectares per year. Forest area change data should be expressed as gross changes, they should be spatially explicit, and they should be able to be tracked into the future. The output of this module is Activity Data for deforestation, reported on annual basis (ha yr-1) and used to estimate GHG emissions associated with deforestation (Module EM-H).The uncertainty of the Activity Data is inherited from spatial dataset.

View the tool here: Activity Data for Deforestation.

View the Vietnamese version of the tool: Activity Data for Deforestation.

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  • Lowering Emissions in Asia's Forests (LEAF)
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