Diesel fuels technical review

2pm, March 08th, 2016

Today, diesel engines are used worldwide for transportation, manufacturing, power generation, construction, and farming. The types of diesel engines are as varied as their use – from small, high-speed indirect-injection engines to low-speed direct-injection behemoths with cylinders one meter (three feet) in diameter. Their success comes from their efficiency, economy, and reliability.

The subject of this review, from the Chevron Cooporation, is diesel fuel – its performance, properties, refining, and testing. A chapter in the review discusses diesel engines, especially the heavy-duty diesel engines used in trucks and buses, because the engine and the fuel work together as a system. Additionally, because environmental regulations are so important to the industry, the review examines their impact on both fuel and engine.

You can download the document here: Diesel fuels technical review

Institutions Involved

  • Chevron Corporation
  • Global Marketing
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