Toolkit for public-private partnerships in roads and highways

8am, October 05th, 2015

The Toolkit for public-private partnership in roads and highways is to assist transport sector policy makers in low and middle-income countries in implementing procedures to promote private sector participation and financing in the development of their road and highway sector.

It provides guidance for public sector authorities in the definition of strategy and policy for public-private partnerships (PPP), definition of PPP projects and stages for their preparation.

Except in a few totally state-controlled economies, private firms are already involved in road design, construction, maintenance or operation. Conventional procurement practices which are widely applied by public sector organizations throughout the world entail the outsourcing of works and services under individual contracts. Public-private partnerships provide an alternative partnership model between the public and private sectors in which a private firm provides a global service with sufficient autonomy and incentives to produce efficiency gains for the benefit of all parties and in particular of road users.

The toolkit is presented in six modules, each presenting a specific subject matter for the development of PPP:

Module 1: Overview and diagnosis provides an overview of PPP, their application within highway development programs and the process for the definition of a PPP strategy.

Module 2: Key components presents the principal characteristics of PPP projects and describes the process of tailoring the PPP project to its environment.

Module 3: Policy and planning describes the public sector functions under PPP in order to ensure protection of the public interest. It includes the definition of the PPP policy framework.

Module 4: Laws and contracts examines the legal and regulatory environment to PPP. It provides a framework for diagnosis and reform and provides the basis for preparation of PPP contracts.

Module 5: Implementation and monitoring provides a comprehensive approach to implementing a highway PPP at the project level through a description of the key stages for development of PPP projects from project identification, preparation, tendering and contract monitoring and renegotiation.

Module 6: Tools provides complementary references and features to the toolkit modules as well as specific functions to assist the presentation and dissemination of toolkit related materials.

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Institutions Involved

  • The World Bank and Public Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF)
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