Transforming an island’s energy system: Slide pack for sharing

12pm, March 03rd, 2016

The Caribbean island of Saba is transforming its energy mix to 100% renewable energy in order to overcome the challenges it faces around over-dependency on fuel imports and insecurity of energy supply. In this slide pack, we detail the story behind Saba’s implementation of the policy, including its public-private partnership with the local Saba Electric Company NV (SEC) and the lessons it can provide other islands.

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The implementation for Saba’s energy system is two-fold, with a first investment designed to address Saba’s energy security by upgrading the current diesel power plant with modern, more efficient engines and relocating it to an area less vulnerable to flooding and other natural disasters. The second investment is for the construction of the first 1 MW photovoltaic solar system on the island, which will begin operating by the end of 2016 and will provide Saba with 20% of its energy needs.

Saba’s energy policy is the result of a robust process of technical studies, analysis, stakeholder consultation and consensus building. Equitable access to and quality of energy for all sectors of society, particularly the poor, is the overarching goal of the policy.

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Image credit: Gerardo Pesantez/World Bank

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