Ventana’s Energy, Environment, Economy-Society (E3S) model

10am, October 02nd, 2015

The Energy, Environment, Economy-Society (E3S) model is a macroscopic model encompassing the economy, energy, and the environment, which focuses on the exploration of the impact of policies on the patterns of energy consumption and in turn on the environment and the economy.

Key questions addressed:

  • How do policies (e.g. taxation) impact patterns of energy consumption and in turn the environment and the economy?

Sample data inputs:

  • Labor size
  • Propensity to change
  • Environmental sensitivity
  • Operational efficiency
  • Effectiveness of output

Sample quantitative outputs:

  • Desired resources secured over a series of time
  • Economic long term forecasts for the firms
  • Rate of energy production
  • Depletion of non-renewable resources
  • Total energy consumption
  • Climate impacts based on global heat flux

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Institutions Involved

  • Ventana Systems
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