Wien Automatic System Planning (WASP) Package

10am, October 02nd, 2015

The Wien Automatic System Planning Package (WASP) is an effective tool for power planning in developing countries. It helps to determine ‘optimal’ expansion plans for power generation within constraints identified by local analysts, which may include limited fuel availability, emission restrictions and system reliability requirements, among others.

WASP explores all possible sequences of capacity additions that are capable of satisfying demand while also meeting system reliability requirements. It accounts for all costs associated with existing and new generation facilities, reserve capacity and un-served electricity.

Key questions addressed:

  • What is the least cost way to expand an energy system under environmental considerations?

Sample data inputs:

  • Load forecast
  • Existing generating infrastructure
  • Candidates for new build
  • Constraints

Sample quantitative outputs:

  • Build schedule of new generating capacity
  • Generating mix
  • Fuel mix
  • Costs
  • Emissions

Access the Wien Automatic System Planning Package (WASP).


WASP manual

IAEA tools and methodologies for energy system planning and nuclear energy system assessments brochure.

Institutions Involved

  • International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
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