Shifting to sustainable transport systems: Webinar and related resources

10am, April 03rd, 2018

In this webinar, our Transport Working Group introduces its 2018 plan to accelerate the shift to sustainable, low emission transport systems.

The Low Emission Development Strategies Global Partnership (LEDS GP) Transport Working Group provides technical assistance, tools, and peer-based training on transport system strategies that support low emission development. This webinar provides an overview of Transport Working Group’s activities since 2015, followed by presentations from regional representatives on 2018 activities, and a peer-training section on how to use the LEDS Transport Toolkit.


  • Introduction: Angela Enriquez, Associate, World Resources Institute and Transport Working Group lead
  • Transport Working Group’s 2018 activities in Latin America and the Caribbean: Laura Camila Cruz, Sustentar
  • Transport Working Group’s 2018 activities in Asia: Avantika Arjuna, ICLEI South Asia
  • How to use the LEDS Transport Toolkit: Angela Enriquez, Associate, World Resources Institute and Transport Working Group lead
  • Q&A

Download the presentation: Shifting to sustainable transport systems – the LEDS GP Transport Working Group in 2018

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Photo: Aashim Tyagi/ WRI India

Institutions Involved

  • WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities
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